Turn Stress into Positive Energy
Stress is a physical, behavioral and psychological feeling of discontent or unhappiness of an individual. This article will tackle the root of stress in an individual, its effects, symptoms and effective remedies.

Stress is a condition where an individual is affected by negative energy and forces of the outside environment. It can be physical or psychological in nature. An individual’s reaction to stress is symbiotic to the place or area the person is living in, the reason why humans are more attached with their surroundings both physically or behaviorally. Hence, scientists views stress as a subjective phenomenon to individuals. Because of our modern life style, where we are focused on work, career adjustments/ improvements, tasks, responsibilities and duties neglecting healthy and clean lifestyle and relaxation, we view stress as a negative consequence of our actions. Stress can affect our productivity as workers and as an ordinary individuals and it may even alter our views and disposition in life.

Although experts say that stress is but a physical or behavioral condition, it is best to know how it affects our health and psychological condition. According to some research stress can affect person's performance in work, school, interaction, relationship and even sex. Since people undergoing this problem have difficulty in focusing and are always moody, decision making abilities in times of crisis are often miscalculated. There are even studies that show that couples who are stressed from work and even from house hold chores suffer from infertility or have the tendency to have a dramatic decrease on their sexual activity.

In addition, people who are stressed may show the following behavioral symptom like experiencing changes in their behavior like being irritable and intolerant to minor disturbances at work or at home; easily frustrated and lose their temper. People undergoing stress may yell often, and feel exhausted all the time, become very pessimistic and worrisome or don’t feel appreciated or compensated in their career or even relationships. Stress can also gives physical symptoms like diarrhea, stiff neck/ pain in the shoulders, extreme headache or migraine, backache, rapid heartbeat and rapid breathing. Hence studies shows that stress can even cause hearth attacks, stroke, cancer and pulmonary diseases.

Managing stress differs from person to person, since stress is subjective and may vary in terms of individual’s perception of what is stressful. There are evidences of really strange ways of managing stress. For e.g. in Japan, where most men according to studies are stressed because of their 24/7 jobs, a restaurant offers services like breaking plates, throwing soft balls on singers and even punching bags. Then in some places in the northern hemisphere where people are stressed because of lack of sleep, a salon offers a sleeping or napping area, where the environment in the place is conducive for sleeping/ resting.

Stress can be cured by changing your habits, lifestyle and even perception towards life. Here are some activities or things you can do in eliminating negative energy/ stress:

- Organize your things in the house and also in your office. A well organized room or cubicle is less stressful to look at and will help you find things easily.

- Buy aromatherapy candles for your room. After a stressful day at work it’s nice to light relaxing lavender or eucalyptus scented candles, it induces proper breathing and sleep.

- After a long days work its best to have a hot tub waiting. Mix 2 table spoon of salt and lavender and chamomile oil in lukewarm water. This will detoxify and cleanse you of negative energy.

- Exercise everyday and have a healthy diet. Research shows that people with un-healthy diets are more stressed compared to people who eat healthy. It is also good to remember that exercise releases “happy hormones” that gives you a lighter disposition in life.

- Have an activity or project other than work to do in your spare time. It could be gardening, cross sticking or reading. this could take your mind away from stressful matters.

- When you feel sleep deprived, after the therapeutic shower its even good to take a sip of wine before going to be. Moderate wine intake is also good for the heart.

Stress is often neglected and even considered un-important by many. It is a condition each and every one of us goes through every single day be it a working or career obsessed woman or a stay at home mom or a child or a student. Everyone can encounter stress and managing and maintaining a healthy and holistic lifestyle is the only key to a stress free mind and body.

Reprinted from Dot Com Women